Does Gonnado hash personal data?

Does Gonnado hash the personal data that it stores on his servers, and can Gonnado send personal data to the partner in hashed form?

Gonnado does not hash the data on its servers

In our systems, we don't hash the personal data but store it 1-to-1 as it is entered in the lead form. However, access to the pages with personal data is restricted to the campaign manager and superusers such as the CTO. We can share the list of individuals with access to you and can restrict this as far up as needed.

Gonnado can send personal data to partners in hashed form

To provide maximum data protection, we can send you the personal data in hashed form, like e.g. as an MD5 hash. Receiving the data in the hashed form will still allow you to search against the hash in the Gonnado system since the same algorithm is used so the hashes will match. Hashed data can be used for example to create audiences by email addresses and phone numbers in Facebook Ads, Google Ads, or Criteo Ads.