Coupon Redemption at POS with PIN Code

How does coupon redemption work in stores if my POS system does not support scannable coupon codes and coupon redemption is to be confirmed by a PIN code?

Customer activates Mobile Coupon

  1. The customer opens the email or SMS with the link to the coupon.
  2. The customer clicks on the link and opens the coupon in the mobile browser.
  3. The customer clicks on the "Redeem in store" button (or similar).
  4. The customer types in the PIN code to confirm the redemption

Provision of the PIN code at the POS

Place a flyer, stand-up display, sticker
    a) You receive the desired POS info material after consultation with Gonnado.
    b) You place the POS info at your checkouts, visible for employees (and customers).

    Sales staff grants the discount

    1. Check if there is a running countdown displayed on the coupon
        a) If it has a green countdown, you can proceed.
        b) If not, the PIN must be entered first, or the coupon is invalid.

    2. Check if the coupon code is visible
        a) Text codes, e.g. 20-RABATT
        c) Or image codes, e.g. display image of your ads

    3. Grant the discount to the customer
        a) Press a programmed button / item on the cash register.
        b) Or deduct the discount amount from the shopping cart manually