How can I track Offline Conversions in my own Ad Accounts?

How can I connect my own Ad Accounts, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Criteo, etc. to Gonnado's Couponing System, in order to track Offline Sales, and what are the Benefits of doing so?

Gonnado will always track offline sales generated with Gonnado Campaigns. This article explains, how you can also track offline conversions in your own ad accounts.

How does it work?

It works by connecting your ad accounts with the Gonnado App. Gonnado will then send the conversions to your ad accounts, when a customer that clicked on the ads of your ad accounts, claims or redeems a coupon.

  1. Ad accounts store cookies
    Ad accounts like Google Ads or Facebook Ads track which users see and click on ads. Cookies are used for this purpose, for example.
  2. User orders coupon
    Customers order the mobile coupon on the website, in the store or in online advertising by clicking on "Claim Coupon". This measures a lead conversion and personal data such as e-mail, telephone or click ID are stored in the coupon.
  3. Cash register reports the sale conversion
    Gonnado reports all information about redeemed coupons (including personal lead data) to the linked ad accounts. Gonnado offers two options for this:
    1. Reporting through POS API
      The sales staff scans the coupon code on the customers' mobile phones. The cash register recognizes the coupon code and reports it with the shopping cart value.
    2. Reporting through Mobile Coupon
      Customers redeem the mobile coupon by clicking on "Redeem" to present it at the checkout. The mobile phone then reports the sale conversion.


Which Conversions get tracked?

These conversions can be sent to your own ad accounts.

  • Lead Conversions
    A lead conversion appears in your ad accounts when the lead form is submitted after a customer has clicked on an ad.
  • Sale Conversions
    A sale conversion will appear in your ad accounts when a coupon is redeemed after a customer has clicked on an ad.
  • Conversion Settings
    You can define in your ad accounts which rules are used to assign sales to campaigns (e.g. attribution window, click-through, view-through, attribution model, etc.)


What are the Benefits?

By measuring conversions with coupons, more conversion data is obtained. This enables campaigns to be better optimized so that they:

  • Generate more sales with the same budget
  • Measure the ROAS of your campaigns more accurately
  • Enable you to allocate your budgets more accurately

How to connect your Ad Accounts?

Find a step to step guide per ad network here: