How to generate more Leads at the POS?

How can I generate more Leads at my POS by using Gonnado's Lead Generation Tools?

You can increase the number of leads that you generate in your retail stores, by using Gonnado's Landing Pages with QR codes and digital coupons, all connected to your POS and CRM Systems.

  • QR code links with tracking for integration in POS advertising material
  • Capture leads with mobile Landing Pages with integrated lead forms
  • Tracking which stores and promotional materials have generated which leads and sales


  • Gonnado provides you with QR Codes which you can integrate into POS advertising materials (e.g. flyer sack inserts and shelf displays).
  • Different QR codes can be created per ad media and/or store so that they can be tracked and optimized individually.
  • The QR codes link to mobile landing pages where customers fill out the lead form. The system checks whether this e-mail address is already registered or not.
  • Customers receive a coupon by e-mail or SMS, which they can redeem online or offline.
  • You receive the lead data directly transferred to the CRM.


  • Relief of the POS staff by allowing customers to easily register themselves.
  • The use of QR codes and landing pages is very easy for customers, which increases the conversion rate.
  • The coupon serves as an incentive and increases the number of people interested in registering for the customer card.
  • Everything is tracked cleanly, which allows the best POS advertising materials to be preferred. In addition, the tracking of the stores enables the targeted training of POS employees of stores with below-average performance.
  • Due to the high volume of POS leads, a lot of customer data is collected, which is then transmitted to Google and Facebook.
  • Thus Similar/Lookalike target groups are formed, which reduces the price for acquiring new customers through online advertising.


  • QR-Codes
    • Tracking of the generated leads per advertising medium and branch.
    • Voice forwarding by cell phone language.
  • Landing Pages
    • Lead form including verification of already registered customers via API.
    • Reporting of lead conversions in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Criteo Ads (incl. formation of target groups and lookalike/similar target groups).
    • Sending of coupons via e-mail / SMS (incl. double opt-in).
  • Digital Coupons
    • Individual coupon codes for accurate tracking both online and offline.
    • Reporting of sale conversions in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Criteo Ads (including target group formation and lookalike/similar target groups).