How to generate more Leads on the Website?

How can I generate more Leads on my Website by using Gonnado's Lead Generation Tools?

With the Tools for Lead Generation from Gonnado, you increase the number of leads that you generate on your website, by using personalized layers, lead forms, and digital coupons, all connected to your POS and CRM Systems.

  • Adress visitors with behavior-based Website Layers and personal offers.
  • Capture leads with Lead Forms in the Website Layers or Landing Pages.
  • Track which traffic sources and surfing behavior lead to which online or offline sales.


  • Add a Gonnado Website Layer, Landing Page or Lead Forms to your website and define the personalized rules.
  • When the customers fill in the lead form, Gonnado checks whether this contact is already registered or not.
  • The customers receive a coupon by email or SMS, which they can redeem online or offline.
  • Partners receive the lead data directly transferred to the CRM, or by Email, Phone, Web.


Gonnado's Lead Generation Tools provide you many benefits, such as:

  • Personalization: The layers appear according to personalized rules, e.g. when leaving the website. This provides high usability and yet a high volume of leads is achieved.
  • Incentive: The coupon serves as an incentive and increases the number of people interested in completing your lead form.
  • A/B Testing: Different layers, personalization, and discounts are tested to track and optimize them and increase the conversion rate.


With Gonnado's Website Layers and Digital Coupons, you can grow your conversion rate and the number of your leads. With the Lead Forms, you can register the new leads easily.

  • Website Layers
    • Personalized rules for showing the layers (e.g. exit-attempt or checkout).
    • A/B Testing of different discounts and/or designs.
    • Cookies to control the frequency and prevent the layer according to rules.
    • Lead form including testing of already registered customers via API.
    • Sending of coupons and tracking of lead conversions in Google/Facebook/Criteo.
    • Sending of coupons via e-mail / SMS (incl. double opt-in).
  • Lead Forms and Landing Pages
    • Delivery of new leads into your CRM system, or by email, phone, or web.
    • Lead form including autofill and verification with your CRM data.
    • Sending coupons and tracking of lead conversions in Google/Facebook/Criteo.
    • Sending of coupons via e-mail / SMS (incl. Double-Opt-In).
  • Mobile Coupons
    • Digital coupons, personalized, with high usability.
    • Coupon codes with accurate tracking both online and offline.
    • Reporting of offline sales in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.
    • Creation of prospecting audiences in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.