What are the Benefits regarding Performance?

What are the benefits of Gonnado's Solutions and Products, when it comes to the Optimization of my Ad Campaigns to reach the best Performance?

Budget Optimization

Automated budget allocation to the most efficient channels depending on the size of the budget and campaign duration.

By automatically allocating the budget to the channels that generate the highest revenue, taking time and budget into account, your existing budget is used optimally. This can increase the achieved turnover many times over and saves your valuable time, since manual analysis and optimization is time-consuming for many channels and target groups.

Conversion Optimization

Conversion tracking and optimization on advertising platforms like Google AdWords, Facebook Business, Google Doubleclick, Criteo Retargeting, etc.

The integration of all conversion pixels of your own advertising accounts as well as the Gonnado advertising accounts gives you the possibility of connecting each coupon downlaod as well as each coupon redemption with the preceding advertisements and clicks. By tracking the campaign, wastage and unnecessary costs are avoided and thanks to the conversion optimization of the bids, your sales will increase.