What are the Benefits regarding Targeting?

What are the benefits of Gonnado's Solutions and Products, when it comes to the targeting of the right customers for my promotion?

Account-based Targeting

Individual and cross-channel user targeting with unique user identification via cookies and accounts on all Gonnado channels and external advertising platforms, taking into account time and browsing behavior.

The individual user targeting allows you, for example, to make different offers to customers based on their buying behaviour or to address customers repeatedly or no longer depending on their interaction with Gonnado products. With these measures you increase the acceptance of the campaign and avoid cannibalization effects.

Behavior-based Targeting

Targeting or exclusion using any URLs of your website, which are available to you as uniform user segments in all products

With targeting segments based on the surfing behavior of your website visitors on all channels, you can, for example, only address customers who visited certain pages or performed actions on certain pages. By using segments, the core target group can be identified, costs can be reduced and the budget can be used for the right target group.