What are the Benefits regarding Customization?

What are the benefits of Gonnado's Solutions and Products, when it comes to the Customization of Gonnado's tools, to match with my Corporate Design and Processes?

Coupon Codes

Support of all POS codes such as EAN-13, EAN-128, Code128, QR Code, Aztec Code, individual online codes, manual codes, etc.

Gonnado supports arbitrary coupon codes, which makes it easy to redeem coupons in your POS or store system without having to make any changes. Based on redeemability across all your channels, you will increase the conversion rate and sales of your campaign.

Corporate Design

Design and text adaptation to the CD and the language of the brand.

All texts, colors and images can be quickly used in your campaign according to your CD and in white label format. This leads to acceptance by your customers, higher conversion rate and you save time in conversion.

Coupon Benefits

Granting various benefits such as discounts, competitions or gift cards on any channel such as retail, e-commerce, sales force, call center, etc.

The variety of possible benefits that you can grant with the coupon gives you freedom in the design of your campaign. Thanks to ready-made features, your desired benefits can be quickly integrated into the campaign and A/B tests can also be easily carried out.

A/B Testing

Continuous A/B testing of different variants of all products.

A/B testings of different variants of all Gonnado products show you concretely with which measures you can achieve the minimum costs and the maximum turnover, whereby no additional time is required.

Coupon Redemption

Verification of coupon redemption by click, geo data, time window, PIN codes or branch IDs.

Due to the different ways of coupon redemption, the coupon can be adapted to any individual situation. For example, a quick automatic redemption or a verification with various criteria can take place at the POS. Accordingly, the system becomes fraud-proof and qualitative conversion data is generated. The easy adaptability to different objectives saves you time and gives you flexibility.

Flexible Customization

Flexible adaptation to customer requirements.

All products have numerous additional setting options. This allows you to customize your campaign exactly as you want it, without incurring development costs or wasting time.