What are the Benefits regarding Integrations?

What are the benefits of Gonnado's Solutions and Products, when it comes to Integrations with my existing Marketing Tools such as my Ad Networks, CRM System, or POS System?

User Identification

Data import via Facebook login and automated form filling via Gonnado account.

The automated completion of customer data, which is available from Facebook or Gonnado accounts, increases the conversion rate and the resulting number of sales.

CRM System

Automated data import into CRM systems like Salesforce, Mailchimp, etc.

By importing the data into your CRM systems, you will have the personal information about the customers as well as the information about the use of the services and coupons where you want to use them. The automation saves you time and the availability of the data enables you to address customers in a targeted manner as well as further customer loyalty measures.

Email and SMS

Automated dispatch of coupons via Twilio SMS and Postmark E-Mail with automated reminder messages if the coupon has not yet been redeemed.

The immediate dispatch of coupons increases the conversion rate of your campaign because users receive their coupons at the moment of interest. The choice of email or SMS ensures that all customers receive the coupon directly on their cell phone. Reminder messages further increase the conversion rate.

Gonnado Products

All Gonnado products are interconnected, which means that all data is exchanged between the products. As a result, customers get a seamless user experience and you get a smart campaign.

The synchronization of data between the products coordinates the use of the different channels. For example, customers can only be advertised with the exit popup if they did not convert on the landing page, etc. In addition, similar new customers can be identified and promoted based on existing leads. This reduces wastage in the acquisition of new customers and increases the number of sales.

Google, Facebook & Co.

Integration of additional third-party tools such as Facebook Lead Ads, Google Maps, Apple Wallet, Cloudflare Cashing, Google Geocoding, WhatsApp Sharing, Google Analytics, etc.

With the integration of various third-party tools, your campaign is optimally integrated into today's Internet landscape. This leads to increased usability, a better conversion rate and therefore higher sales. In addition, the campaign fits optimally into your existing tools.