What are the Benefits regarding Privacy?

What are the benefits of Gonnado's Solutions and Products, when it comes to the Privacy for the Customers, that participate in my Promotion?

Data Collection

DSGVO compliant interfaces for data collection and archived screenshots to prove marketing approval.

All lead forms are compliant with the DSGVO and you can be sure that all data obtained will be used and legally secured. Thanks to the screenshots of the current form and other log data for each lead, you will have everything at hand even in many years to come, should you need it for legal proof of your DSGVO conformity.

Data Control

User account to edit or delete shared personal information and change personal settings.

Each customer receives his own user account when ordering a coupon and enjoys exemplary data protection in accordance with the DSGVO, your campaign and lead generation measures. Customers can log in at any time to change or delete their data. Save costs for your own DSGVO solutions and gain time and security.