What are the Benefits regarding Reporting?

What are the benefits of Gonnado's Solutions and Products, when it comes to the online platform, where I can manage, control, and get Outputs of my Promotion?


Web back-end for the efficient setup, update and controlling of complex campaigns

The back-end of your campaign is managed by your campaign manager and is also available to you. It enables you to create and optimize campaigns on various channels with a massively reduced time expenditure. Campaign setups only become realistic with the Gonnado Back-End and you will benefit from efficient, fast and measurable results as well as from higher sales.


Web and e-mail back-end with cross-channel statistics and data exports.

The comprehensive statistics, which are available in aggregated form across all channels, tools and target groups, make it possible to compare prices and services for numerous criteria and to draw conclusions in a short time. Since every campaign has a high potential for optimization, this is a central prerequisite for multiplying the return on your campaign through appropriate measures.