What are the Benefits regarding Security?

What are the benefits of Gonnado's Solutions and Products, when it comes to the Security and Stability of the Gonnado Systems and my connected Systems?


Validation for validity and uniqueness of user data such as age, telephone number, gender, name, etc. as well as the redemption of coupons.

Validations ensure that each person can only participate once in your promotion or you can exclude existing customers from a promotion. The efficiency and acceptance of your campaign is increased by not having to confront customers who have already participated in the promotion again or by identifying leads that have not yet been converted and encouraging them to convert. In addition, you receive correct and clean data for further use.


Ongoing updates to new API, software and device versions.

The third-party tools used by you, by Gonnado, and by customers are constantly changing. With daily updates to Gonnado products, you can benefit from stable solutions without the time and expense. This is also essential to your customers, so that your brand can appear in the desired environment and the conversion rate is maximized.


Ongoing testing and reporting on the stability of all functions to discover and fix new bugs within hours.

Thanks to the use of Gonnado products by more than a hundred partners and the daily updates, you benefit from a highly stable service. The bottom line is that you save the time to do this yourself and you always make a good impression on your customers, which also increases the conversion rate.


Perfect performance with high user numbers and security against hackers or abuse.

Gonnado products are used by numerous high-reach partners and are all stable and reliable even under heavy load. Your campaign will therefore generate revenue even at the most profitable peak times and there will be no unexpected costs. In addition, regular security audits and improvements ensure security. You are therefore also well protected in terms of data protection.


No interference with the website by CSS, JavaScript or external pixels

If you include Gonnado products such as landing pages and pop-up boxes on your website, they will work perfectly with your existing website. This saves you money and time for the integration of new tools. Your campaign can therefore start quickly and smoothly.