What Infos are required to start with Gonnado?

What information does Gonnado need from me to create my Gonnado account and make my campaign live?

After you sign up for a Gonnado account, your campaign manager will contact you to set up your account and campaign. Please note that depending on our available capacity, it may take a few days to weeks before you are assigned a campaign manager. Among other things, your campaign manager will discuss the following with you.


What goal do you want to achieve?

Possible goals could include: Generate as much revenue as possible, generate as many newsletter signups as possible, or generate as many purchases from new customers as possible.


What bid per lead or sale do you want to start with?

You can make a bid per lead (CPL) or per sale (CPS). You can always adjust your bid later and it is also possible that you make different bids for different target groups and channels.

Target group

Which people do you want to target?

You can leave the definition of the target group to Gonnado, and only define the target. Or you can limit the target group to specific people. Or you can exclude certain people.


On which channels do you want to communicate?

You can place your campaign on Google Ads and Facebook Ads ad networks, as well as on your website and in your stores.


What kind of benefit do you want to offer?

You can offer your customers a discount, a gift, or a contest as a benefit. There are also various coupon formats and redemption mechanisms available.

Promotional materials

What kind of promotional materials do you want to use?

You can give us specifications for creating your promotional materials, or we can make suggestions, or you can create the promotional materials yourself.


What integrations with your system do you want to make?

You can link your systems and channels such as your website, your stores, your CRM, your Facebook page, your Google locations, or your advertising accounts with Gonnado.

Lead data

What are your lead data requirements?

You can determine what details and consents you need from your leads, and in what form you want to obtain the lead data.

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Gonnado can tailor your campaign very precisely to your needs. We will be happy to advise you on all points after your registration and together we will find the best setup.

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