What is the Advantage of Gonnado's Solutions vs. doing it yourself?

Why should I work with Gonnado and pay for it, when I could also develop and set up the required tools my myself?

Why can Gonnado offer a Better Deal?

Gonnado is specialized in lead generation and sales promotion by using online marketing for retail store chains. Our omnichannel tracking technology and our high degree of automation enable us to create large omnichannel campaigns with little time expenditure and to achieve above-average results. As a result, you achieve more sales with the same or lower costs.

Our Technology

Gonnado's history lasts already over 5 years, in which we have gained a lot of experience with our partners. We have developed and improved our solutions, products, and features based on our partner's needs. We develop all our products with our in-house software engineering and development teams. Due to the integration of all features into the standardized platform, all our partners can benefit from our entire software suite.

  • More than 100,000 hours of development time in the product
  • Experience from over 1.000 retailers has been incorporated
  • Numerous tools and features are at your disposal
  • Get the best solution now, without development time and costs

Our Service

Gonnado offers a self-service platform where Gonnado partners can control everything. However, most of our partners prefer that we do all the work for them. That's why we offer full service at no additional cost, included in the performance-based pricing model.

  • Dedicated Campaign Manager that serves less than 10 partners
  • Technical support and free product adaptations if required
  • Daily availability, biweekly jour fixe meetings and custom reportings

Our Pricing

Gonnado charges exclusively on a success basis. Thanks to our experience and standardized solutions, we can reliably plan your results. This allows us to offer you predictability and security for your marketing budgets.

  • You only pay per lead or sale that you generate
  • You commit yourself to a fixed monthly budget
  • We guarantee a minimum amount of leads or sales