What Lead Generation Products does Gonnado offer?

What Products and Features does Gonnado offer for Lead Generation and how do they work together?

With the Tools for Lead Generation from Gonnado you increase the number of leads that you generate in your branches, on your website, and with your online campaigns.

Tools for Retail Stores

  • QR code links with tracking for integration in POS advertising material
  • Capture leads with mobile Landing Pages with integrated lead forms
  • Tracking which stores and promotional materials have generated which leads and sales

Tools for the Website

  • Adress visitors with behavior-based Website Layers and personal offers
  • Capture leads with Lead Forms in the website layers or landing pages
  • Tracking which traffic sources and surfing behavior lead to which leads and sales

Tools for Online Ads

  • Automated creation and optimization of over 100 campaigns in Google Ads and Facebook Ads
  • Acquisition of leads through Google Lead Ads and Facebook Lead Ads via API integration in real-time
  • Website layers with a lead form are shown on the landing page of advertisements
  • Tracking and optimization, which clicks, ads, placements, and campaigns lead to which leads and sales