What Sales Promotion Products does Gonnado offer?

What Products and Features does Gonnado offer for Sales Promotion and how do they work together?

Gonnado’s Sales Promotion Tools increase the number of sales in your stores and online store that result from your leads.

Digital Coupons

  • Issuance of personalized Digital Coupons, with the user’s digital profile including Google and Facebook Click ID and email address.
  • Sending time-limited, personalized coupons as an incentive to buy via email and SMS to the generated leads.
  • Omnichannel conversion tracking in the online shop with coupon codes and cookies and at the POS with mobile coupons or POS system plug-ins.

Conversion Tracking

  • Plugin for your POS system to capture the shopping cart value and content of offline sales.
  • Unique attribution of each sale to the marketing measures using Google Analytics user and transaction ID.
  • Tracking and attribution of follow-up sales through tracking with loyalty cards and payment cards.