How can Gonnado prove that the personal data is GDPR compliant?

How can Gonnado prove in the future that the user gave the required consent when the personal data was stored?

Storing of Privacy and Marketing Consent

When personal data is collected, Gonnado always also collects the privacy consent and if applicable, the marketing consent of the user. The consent is given by the user by checking a checkbox in the form and the value of the form field is then stored together with the personal data.

Storing of System Data of the User

When personal data is collected, Gonnado always stores system information like the time, IP address, and device information of the user and stores it together with the personal data. This enables us to proof, that the user filled in the lead form and thus gave the consent to store his personal data.

Archiving of empty Lead Form Version

Gonnado stores a screenshot of the current version of the empty lead form when the form is completed. This is so that we have a record of which user completed which form version and to be able to prove also many years later, how the form looked exactly when it was filled in by the user. We do not take any screenshots of the completed form.