How can I submit Files securely through SFTP to Gonnado?

How can I authenticate and upload my files securely with SFTP to the Gonnado system?

If you would like to send files to Gonnado without using Email, Wetransfer, or any other kind of third-party service, you can use Gonnado's SFTP (Secure FTP) system. You can upload any file, like for example a CSV list of emails, or any other file type.

The following instructions explain how to upload files to Gonnado's SFTP server.


Step 1: Authentication


Access the Gonnado SFTP server. Ask your Campaign Manager to tell you the server, the username, and the password.

  • Server: <server>
  • Username: <username>
  • Password: <password>


 sftp  <username>@<server>

Step 2: Check the correct File Naming


Change the name of your files to exactly this format:


For example:


⚠️ Always use this name format, incl. the double underscore (__) between the <ParterName> and the <Purpose>.

Step 3: Upload the File


Upload the file(s) to the "upload" directory.

  • Directory: Uploads
 cd uploads
put <PartnerName>__<Purpose>.<Extension>

For example:

cd uploads
put my_brand__list_of_emails.csv


 Step 4: Close the Connection


Close the connection once the file(s) have been uploaded successfully.