How can Users delete their Personal Data?

How can users delete their personal data from Gonnado's and the Partner's systems?

Users always give their personal data to the partner and to Gonnado. Both parties, the partner and Gonnado, are in the role of a data controller according to GDPR. Users have the right to delete their personal data on the systems of both parties.

Deletion of Personal Data from Gonnado's Systems

To delete their personal data from the Gonnado systems, users need to login to their Gonnado My Account first. After login, users can click on the link "Delete all my personal data" and confirm. This will delete all their personal data permanently from the Gonnado systems. 

Deletion of Personal Data from the Partner's Systems

The partner is responsible to enable the users the deletion of their personal data from his systems. According to GDPR it is enough to provide an email address, where users can ask to delete their data. It is not mandatory, that partners provide a self-service solution like Gonnado.

When the user deletes his data with Gonnado we ask them to check a box if he wants to delete it with the partner too. If so we will send an email notification to the partner which refers only to the lead ID and asks Dropa to delete the personal data of this lead too. However, this does not release the partner from any obligations about the deletion of personal data in accordance with GDPR.