How to set up Gonnado's POS System API with a Plugin?

How can I connect my POS System with the Gonnado API by addid the Gonnado Plugin to my POS System and why should I do so?

How the POS System API works

The sales staff scans the coupon code on the customer's coupon. The cash register recognizes the coupon code and reports it with the shopping cart value to the API of Gonnado. Like this Gonnado retrieves the information which coupons get redeemed with what conversion values and can report this further to Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other systems.

Connect API with POS System Plugin

Gonnado currently provides the POS System Plugin for these POS systems: Microsoft Dynamics 365, Gebit, Cash One, Novopos, Subsidia, Wato Soft, Arcavis, Repairline. If your POS system is not listed yet, tell your Campaign Manager what POS system you are using and we will develop a plugin for your system if possible.

To install the Gonnado Plugin to your POS system, please follow the instructions from your Campaign Manager and the appropriate POS System API manual. After you have completed the steps to set up the POS System Plugin, your Campaign Manager will claim and redeem a coupon to test if the connection works as intended and let you know.

Connect API with Webhook

If we can not provide you a POS System Plugin, you can connect your POS system with a webhook. See how to do this here.