How to redeem Mobile Coupons through the POS API?

How does the coupon redemption work if you have a POS system that is connected with Gonnado's POS API.

This requires the set up of the Gonnado POS API first.

Customer opens Mobile Coupon

  1. The customer opens the email or SMS containing the link to the coupon
    1. In the Email, there is a button called "Mobile Coupon" or similar
    2. In the SMS there is a link at the end of the message
  2. The customer clicks the link and opens the coupon in the mobile browser

Sales Staff scans the Coupon Code

  1. The sales staff scans the barcode or QR code and grants the discount

About 2 seconds after scanning the barcode or QR code, it will disappear and the coupon will be registered as redeemed.