How is the Privacy of the Form Pre-Fill Feature?

Where are the data taken from for prefilling? Is there a risk that customer data is given to other people?

How does the feature work?

  • When a user orders or opens a coupon, his personal data is stored in a cookie in his browser.
  • If the same browser then displays another Gonnado lead form, then it is already pre-filled.

Is it possible, that the form is pre-filled with wrong data?

  • This can happen when a Gonnado Lead Form has been filled out in the same browser by another person before, for example when the user shares his device with another person.
  • It also can happen, when a user orders multiple coupons to the email addresses of different friends. Then all these email addresses get stored in the same profile. And when the friends open the coupon, they receive the cookie of this profile, which contains the personal data of all the friends that received a coupon from this user.
  • It also can happen to Gonnado Campaign Managers or Gonnado Partners, if they open coupons with a link from the backend and then receive the cookie of this profile.

Is the form pre-filling GDPR compliant?

All users that fill in a Gonnado Lead Form must accept the Gonnado Privacy Policy, in which the form pre-fill feature is described. Thus all leads generated through Gonnado gave a privacy consent for this feature. Users can enable or disable the automatic form pre-filling in their Gonnado Privacy Account.

Would you like to disable the feature?

The feature can be disabled on the account level or on the user level.


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