What are the Design Guidelines for the Promotion's Creatives?

When it comes to the creation of the creatives for a Gonnado promotion, what are the most important aspects to consider, to create high-performing campaigns?

1. Coupon Value

The value of the coupon is the most important element, so it's essential to make sure this line is the first thing a user reads. You can either do this with size, colors, or even animations. It's suggested to give this element the most space.

2. Call-To-Action

The CTA is the instruction for the user to claim the coupon. Mostly you should use instructional text that tells the user what to do, like «click here» or «claim now». It is recommended to use some sort of symbolization, additional to the text. This can either be done by simple arrows, with buttons or similar effects/elements. It's also possible to use a button or symbol without a CTA-text if it clearly shows the user what he has to do.

3. Background Picture

Choosing the right background for your coupon can be very tricky. In some cases, you can provide a picture that works with every format, has a good resolution, and resembles your brand. However, when this is not available, Gonnado will use previously used backgrounds or stock pictures. Stylewise we use elements that suit the design of your creatives, it can either be a picture or a texture, or a pattern. It can even be a solid color, as long as it fits the design.

4. Logo

Your logo is always present. It is important to keep the logo always visible and in a good spot. The user needs to see instantly which company offers the promotion.


  • Use the same style like on your website and in your existing campaigns
  • Always leave some space from the border of the image and around the logo and text
  • Align the different elements to create a line and to prevent a chaotic layout
  • Keep everything very easily readable