What Images does Gonnado use to design the Creatives for my Promotion?

Gonnado offers the Service to Design all the Images that are needed for a Promotion. What Kind of Image Materials does Gonnado use to do so?

Your Submissions

The data you offer us has the highest priority, we always use it if the files are of good quality. However, sometimes images can have a bad resolution or are not ideal for the purpose intended.

Corporate Design

If you wish to have full control over the design, Gonnado can strictly follow your CD manual. However, this can sometimes narrow down the possibilities.

Gonnado Ressources

Additionally, Gonnado uses his own templates and other work that has been done for the partner before. Your Campaign Manager is involved in the creation of the campaign creatives. 

Your Website

If you can not provide Gonnado content by submission, Gonnado can always grab fonts, colors, logos and pictures from your website. Its not ideal, but its quite save to do, because its the content that you already use.

Stock Images

Stock Images from Shutterstock are the last resort when high-quality material or vector graphics/icons are required, and can't be provided from another source.